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"With One Eye Open", a Max Anger Series, co-produced between Twelve Town and Nice Drama, part of the Nice Entertainment Group, and developed with SVT, has been selected to participate in the CoPro Pitching Sessions of the Series Mania European Project and Talent Forum held at Lille, France between 2nd and 4th May 2018. The project was chosen from more than 280 projects.

At Series Mania, sixteen TV series projects will be presented to more than five hundred leaders from the television industry - heads of drama divisions, commissioners, producers, sales agents, private and public investors - from all over Europe and selected extra-European countries.

The project is a 6 x 60' series based on the book 'Ask No Mercy' ('Be inte om nåd') by Martin Österdahl, the first in the series of books featuring Swedish agent, Max Anger, and is being written by Real Humans creator Lars Lundström, and Anders Sparring.

The series takes place in 1996 in St Petersburg. Max Anger, a former attack diver for the Swedish Navy, is in love with Pashie, a Russian-Swedish researcher. When Pashie uncovers a plot targeting Sweden by a neo-Stalinist network her first instinct is to confide in Max. As her investigation delves deeper, Pashie discovers that Max's personal history is a fabrication, but before she can confront Max she disappears. Setting out to rescue Pashie, Max learns that his whole life has been a lie and soon is fighting for much more than just Pashie's life.

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